I must warn you now this website should probably come with an age restriction. If you are Mentally retarded / Physically disfigured / Gay or a Millwall fan you may find the content offensive. However for this I will not apologise, this is not a democracy.


Please do not bitch to me for example if I make a reference about defiling your mum. I do so for the comedy value, not because I actually want to climb up on that shit and scream FRRREEEEEEEEDDDDOOOOOMMMM!


The Filthy Times started in 2010 as a weekly email between work colleagues, the contents of which said colleagues would probably want to stay private, but where is the fun in that? The Filthy Times has slowly developed over two years but checkout some of the early entries in the OLD SCHOOL BANTER section on Filthy News.


So two years later here we are, with the help of facebook and twitter I have more people to hurl abuse at so be prepared for me to pull no punches! Anyone and everyone is fair game.


The names of some characters have been changed to protect their identities and some stories have been completely fabricated for your entertainment. Feel free to hit me up in the Conquest Book!


Much Love


The Filth Himself